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URGENT : MBB Background Check

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New answer on Jul 12, 2024
4 Answers
Anonymous A asked on Jul 10, 2024

I accidentally put the wrong dates for work I did during my gap year after high school on my resume. I got an offer recently and now have been asked to fill out the dates on the background checker's website. 

Q1) Should I provide the corrected dates or should I still stick to what I put on my CV? 

Q2) Will the background checker use dates on my CV or only the details I provide on their website?

I'm worried this rather stupid mistake will raise concerns about my honesty. 

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Best answer
replied on Jul 10, 2024
BCG | Project Leader and Experienced Interviewer | MBA at London Business School

Hi there, 

For background checks I would put in the correct dates. As a general life rule, I don't think it's good to double down on a mistake once discovered :) 

Also ... how off are the dates? I think no one would bat an eye for a few days, even a month or so off; but if you overstated your experience with a few years … 



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Anonymous A on Jul 10, 2024

Hi Ariadna, It's about 1.5 months off. I mistook March for May. Do you think that shouldn't be as severe?

Ariadna on Jul 10, 2024

I personally doubt that (1) they would cross-check with the CV and (2) even if they did, it would be severe. It's a very simple mistake, it does not change anything fundamental in your background and it's no crime really! Try to relax and enjoy the great results of your interview!

Content Creator
replied on Jul 10, 2024
1300 5-star reviews across platforms | 500+ offers | Highest-rated case book on Amazon | Uni lecturer in US, Asia, EU

Hi there,

Don't worry about it!

The gap year dates have no impact on your profile and you already passed the interviews!

1. Put the correct dates in the online system.

2. I would say they check what you enter in the system.

Congrats on the offer ;-)



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Content Creator
updated an answer on Jul 11, 2024
#1 recommended coach | >95% success rate | most experience in consulting, interviewing, and coaching

Hi there,

First of all, congratulations on the offer!

I would be happy to share my thoughts on your questions:

  • First of all, I would advise you to provide the correct dates.
  • Moreover, maybe consider reaching out to your future employer and proactively tell them about the mistake being made.
  • Lastly, either way, I am certain you don't have to fear anything.

If you would like a more detailed discussion on your specific situation, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.




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replied on Jul 12, 2024
Bain | EY-Parthenon | Private Equity | Market Estimates | Fit Interview

You should use the real dates on your background check.

What you had in your resume won't be an issue, as this doesn't seem to be a meaningful misrepresentation of your experience, it's just an imprecision on the specific dates. You probably didn't qualify for the interview because of that wrong information.

(another case would be if you stated experience that you didn't have, i.e., to have worked where you didn't).

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Ariadna gave the best answer


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BCG | Project Leader and Experienced Interviewer | MBA at London Business School
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