Unable to even get an interview call. How to get one?

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Anonymous A asked on May 19, 2020

My Background:

So, I am currently completing a masters program in mechanical engineering and maangement from a top university in Germany but orginally from outside of the EU. My grades from Masters are just okay, but not good enough from consutling standards. However, I have been a top performer throughout my other academic career and have an interesting record of extra curriculars (even in masters).

I don't have an internship expereince in consulting, but I worked for a top industrial giant with their supply chain as well as R&D product developement teams, for a total of 18 months. During this time, I suggessted multiple improvements to their supply chain and got an opportunity to present my product idea for a patent review.

I currently work as part time Quality Analyst in a VR based startup to suport myself. Also, my master thesis is focussed on consulting and is indeed a novel topic that I defined myself.

Local language is of an issue at this point of time, so I only apply to events and companies that require just english and nothing else. Still, I am not even getting a call for an interview or an event. I have been practising cases and solving multiple consulting assignements online. I have approached several professionals and recruiters who mentioned that I should definitely get interview calls after reviewing my CV. But I got none until now.

Kindly provide me some insights on how to proceed further. I am serious about a careeer in consutling. Thanks in advance.

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replied on May 19, 2020
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Do you want to send over the CV?

A priori, the only issue I would see is the language.



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Anonymous A on May 19, 2020

Happy to send mine. But how can I do that.

Anonymous replied on May 19, 2020


It is hard to tell without looking at the CV.

But alternavitely, have you consider networking and get a referral? That might be a more effective way to get an interview call.



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Anonymous A on May 19, 2020

I have been reaching out to a lot of people but couldn't make much progress. Would be happy to share my CV with you. Just let me know how.

Anonymous updated the answer on May 19, 2020

Hi A,

I can fully understand your situation, because I was in a similar situation 10 years ago, when I came from Ukraine to Germany with e very limited knowledge of German. Nevertheless, I have the mastered the way and met the bar and build a successful career in consulting. I'm happy to share my experience with you. And I would definitely recommend you to use referrals to secure your interview invites for further details, feel free to contact me directly.

Good luck,



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replied on May 20, 2020
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replied on May 20, 2020
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Hi there:

Short answer:

1) Resume + Cover Letter review

2) Networking

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replied on Nov 26, 2020
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Hi there,

Please send me your CV and we will discuss it with viewing all the details.

All the best,


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