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Tier 2 Companies in the middle east

Anonymous A


I need insights to help me make my decision regarding offers I received in Dubai for Strategy&, and ATK. Im currently at a great national company, and considering a move.

In the Middle East, I heard that the market is quite competitive between 3-5 companies (McK, S&, ATK, BCG and Booze).

Given this info, and the middle east specifics, I would like to know what expect to have in: work experience, exposure (types of problems and network) and status ? Both in general terms, and relative to MBB. Those are the detrimental elements in my decision.


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Benjamin replied on 07/27/2018
ex-Manager - Natural and challenging teacher - Taylor case solving, no framework

Consulting in Middle East can be quite different from other geographies.
Basically customer have more budget allocated to consulting.
- The topics can be unique since there is a lot to do, and can offer development issues while other geographie will tend to offer more organisation/cost cutting issues.
On the other hand some customer basically pay consulting to do the day to day job that some of their employees are not doing.

- The work life balance : you have to be aware that Middle east is know for being tough in terms of work life balance, with a culture of long hours and short / busy week ends

- the salary : extremely rewarding compared to other geographie. If you compare same position in Europe, with the premium on the salary and the difference on taxes you can increase your salary by 1.5-2x

Hope this helps


Anonymous A replied on 07/24/2018

Worth to mention, the salaries offered are very competitive when compared to MBB as well. Does this indicate anything regarding the quality/experience ?