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Tell me about a time when you achieved a difficult goal!

PrepLounge: Personal Fit
New answer on Apr 06, 2024
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 21, 2019

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Anonymous F replied on Dec 21, 2023

One of the most difficult goals that I ever achieved was being able to work at the Walt Disney World. In the Latin America, those processes are huge and really competitive and, at the time, there wasn't any tutorials or mentors to help us achieve it. Also I didn't know anyone who had already applied and no one was applying with me, so I had to discover how to go through the process by myself. The most challenging part was the second interview, because I had to travel to SP and have the interview in person with one of the official Disney's recruters. The goal for me wasn't only to work at disney, but to overcome my ansiety and learn how to control it in an extreme situation. 
Besides all of the regular challenges, I was on stand by for a couple of months and had to accept the possibility of not going while preparing for the possibility of going. At the end, I was selected and in less than 2 months I was travelling to US to make my dream come true.

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Rosa replied on Oct 24, 2019

i reached a difficult goal getting my phd; difficult for me because it was long-term, requiring a lot of long term planning, getting different people to get things done on a certain time, dealing with a lot of burocracy in the meantime

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Anonymous updated the answer on Apr 29, 2022

My dream was to get work experience in an EU research project in the field of biology, marine biology or similar linked to business activities. 

Those positions have a high competition among specialist, not for bachelor of art students. 

I made a plan to work towards it which included writing papers about European Fisheries, networking the R&D sector and actively approaching research project. 

As a result, I did an internship in an EU Horizon 2020 project in Barcelona where I researched the use of fishery discards. I travel through Europe to meet stakeholders and used my knowledge to work in the European Commission on a similar topic. 

Besides learning about Fisheries, politics in Fisheries and the EU, I learned that it is possible to dive deep in any topic, that all is possible, that it is important to express/understand expectations and that social relations are key. 



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Anonymous replied on Apr 06, 2024

I was able to earn my bachelor's degree and graduate during a very busy time in my life and had an ill family member. 

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Eojin replied on Jun 13, 2022
Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! ? I'm a 3rd-year student majoring in Global Business Management.

In the course "GMS 522 - International Marketing" that I took in the 2021 Falls Term, there was a toothpaste company operating simulation as a group project.
Though we started as 3 members which are 1 less than other groups, I knew that my risk strategies would shine in such conditions, and I did not hesitate to take the lead role. I assigned each group member and myself roles and consistently communicated them in an approachable manner to have a clear understanding of where they are at.
If they happened to have difficulties doing assigned tasks, I made time to assist them even when I was dealing with 6 other courses and answered their questions on related issues.
As a result, we built efficiency in our working process, unity and a belief that we could perform a lot better by working on tasks together ending with the 1st place in the simulation.
In the course "GMS 400 - Global Business Environment" that I took in the 2022 Winters Term, there was a group project where we needed to write a country analysis and a very detailed business plan. Because the group members consisted of 5 random people who I did not know, it was almost chaotic at the beginning as the communication process was not so smooth, and group members were very worried. I took the initiative, briefly described our options with a bit explanation of the pros and cons for each option, and successfully led the group while dealing with 7 other courses. Instead of making everyone work on the same part, as a group, we figured out what part they felt the most confident writing about, and I provided constructive feedback in a friendly and approachable way. As a result, I was able to achieve an A+, which not only shows my deep level of academic enthusiasm and understanding but also my leadership to lead the group well in a tough situation.

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Anonymous E replied on Apr 03, 2023

Thanks to my comittent and consistency I finished my apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant half a year earlier than the council which is responsible for these apprenticeships considers as standard. 

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Alicia replied on Mar 07, 2023

No doubt, all state examina were hard, but the first one was absolutely brutal.


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Bader replied on Mar 04, 2023

i have deal with 5 final exam in three days and pass them all with a grades. 

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Anonymous D replied on May 20, 2022

When working as student research assistant, the team workflow was very convoluted and inefficient. I proactively designed and developed a program to enhance it. During development and implementation, I got an offer to work as a freelance data scientist for a startup, and thus quit the old job. Despite heavy workoad and having quit the job, I finished development and implementation, and convinced my former colleagues of its usefulnes. It reduced lead time per script to one third and is still in use today.

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Anonymous B replied on Aug 12, 2021

When I uploaded my first video on Instagram

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Marion replied on Jan 17, 2022

Running a Marathon first seemed to be a challenging task. Then I developed a training plan and was able to run the Marathon in a wonderful time. All based on a good strategy and consistent endurance training.

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Anonymous C replied on Oct 19, 2021

Once I was assigned a project with only half the HC compared with last year but still the same deadline. In the end, I was able to meet the deadline because I did the following three things right.

First, I start my planning process early and thoroughly. I started the planning two weeks early to allow myself more time. By starting early, I was able to look at the financials more deeply and ask clarifying questions first. This allows me to spend more time on actual testing when on field. 

Secondly, I made sure that communications are open. I constantly update the internal and external stakeholders about project progress and pending items. This gives everyone clarity and urgency. 

Lastly, I kept the manager much more involved to make sure we don't waste any time on non-value added work. Sometimes the manager could also take some work or escalate some of our requests to shorten the waiting time.

Overall, better planning, timely communications and active involvement of the manager help make things happen. 

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colin replied on Sep 14, 2021



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