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Hi all, nice to meet you all here and I am dedicated to shift my career to management consultant. Please check my background as follows,

Brief Background:

  • I have 9 years work experience, majorly worked in tech startups, and started my own startup before. I have successful proven track records in my career that I could provide solutuions, plan and manage strategies myself, and had very positive results under very limited resource provided to me.
  • I gruduated in top 10 University in UK, and am going to study part time MBA this year. Cerfied Project Management Professional (PMP) - seems not really relevant but a bonus.
  • I don't really mind its MBB, other 2nd tier firms or the Big 4 companies. My short term goal is to get interviews.

My questions are:

  • Am I too old to get into consultant firms now? Saying that I don't have prior management consultant experience (but I do have experience working with them)
  • Based on my research - I think my experience, skillsets and background do fit to the role. (such as propose a solution quickly and logically, manage and implement projects and strategies, no work-life balance in startups as well, and entrepreneurship.) the problem is, how do I make a bridge between my CV and the job, and also whats the best approach to get the job interview efficienctly and effectively? (I think apply the job through linkedin or official HR site are just like throwing my CV into blackholes.)
  • Any consultants who have similar professional background to me and would like to share your tips and experience?

Your advice is much appreciated and really wanna understand more from you guys.





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Hi Billy,

  1. No, not too old. But you may be fine with working and possibly be managed by colleagues younger than you if you get an offer
  2. The #1 thing that can help is to get a referral – you can find more here:
  3. I sort of did the opposite (consulting --> startup founder) ;) If you have questions please feel free to drop me a message



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Doable but will no doubt require a lot of work from your side on the CV, cover letter, referral and many networking calls.

I would not start prepping for the actual interview process before you have a couple of contacts where you are sure they would refer you (in addition your application materials should be perfect of course). Make sure to have a lot of people (incl. coaches perhaps) read your materials to give you feedback. Make sure to network smartly.

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Thanks for your answer. If it is doable I will try my best to plan and work for the best possible outcome.

Hello Billy!

Your post is very detailed, wonderful.

In a nutshell, yes, you seem as a good fit indeed!

However, the most important piece of info for me to think that that shift is very plausible is the fact that you are going to start an MBA now. Which school? "Target" schools almost directly guarantee you the interview, and now it all comes to the preparation that you do.

Something you can start doing already is the preparation of CV and CL, takes more work than one would expect to have it perfectly polished!

Hope it helps!



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Hi Clara, thanks for your answer. Not sure if it is a target school as it "only" ranked as top 40 in FT MBA - Manchester Business School. Yes I have a lot of oil in my tank and will do whatever I need to achieve the goal.

Hi Billy,

Short answer- Yes, totally doable.

Many people I know have done this move succesfully across various consulting firms.

Also, all the questions you raised have been answered many times in the Q&A forum before. So please search broadly.

In summary, main thing is for you to be honest with yourself as to "why consulting is the right career move for you"? Prepare a solid CV, network hard and practice a good story to tell to the recruiters/interviewers. Be clear which part of consulting you want to land- is this Strategy or Technology Consulting?

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Hi Adi, thanks for your reply. The honest question is I truly believe consulting is the right job and I also think I could do well based on my experience and achievements. I would describe myself a generalist and entrepreneur, I am more interested in the digital transformation, change management related topics. So I would like to focus on McKinsey Digital for example.
Before I want to aggressively apply and network hard. I want to be better prepared. - Show the skillsets that the hiring manager might feel interested, case interview etc. and feel like I am "colleague" alike already, and also need to shift my thinking pattern from startup entrepreneur to management consulting one. Also prepare the CV that is most fit to consultant.


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