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Svenja asked on Nov 23, 2021

How can I expect to develop myself and my career at your company? What kind of support or mentoring do you offer?

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Pia replied on Nov 23, 2021
HR Business Partner

Dear Svenja, 

development is key when joining Consulting, so great that you asked :)  Here are some insights into our development offers: 

1. Approach and hands on experience: We believe you develop best by experience on the job, followed by individual feedback and coaching. The last building block is “classical” training which helps you to get news insights, skills, methodolodies that develop best when again put into practice 

2. Coaching and feedback: Every consultant has a dedicated Guidance and Development manager. He/she helps you to propel your career to the next level with detailed feedback and coaching meetings every 6 weeks. Their job is to support your development, be there for you and guide you through every challenge and successes along the way. Of course, you get constructive feedback on spot on the projects, so the learning effects are immediate. 

3. Trainings portfolio: We have a trainings curriculum tailored to Consulting which covers areas such as: consulting basics (projekt management, stakeholder management), communication (pyramid principle), energy industry know-how, and much more! On demand, it's also possible to engage in individual trainings like support from a professional coach or specific know-how trainings. 

4. Your buddy: When you start, your buddy is there for you when you need him or her. Our buddys support new joiners with every even so small question, so you quickly find your way around - not only professionally, but also personally. We are are close team, helping each other where we can.

5. Promotion circles: Every 6 months our Consultants' individual development is assessed. After our so called “Guidance and Development Circles” you get together with your GD manager to discuss your strengths, development areas and career goals and steps. You can also be nominated and chosen for promotion in course of those circles!

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Leandra updated an answer on Nov 23, 2021
Senior Business Consultant

Dear Svenja, 

Training and development is a major topic within BearingPoint consisting of different parts: 

  1. Every employee has a development manager, with whom career development is being discussed based on individual needs. A goal setting for each year in the areas of Core, Client, People & Practice. This includes the alignment on trainings in different areas. Throughout the year there are several sessions (e.g. mid year review, soundings and year end review) to evaluate on the current situation of someones development and well-being within the firm and project.
  2. This brings us to the training itself and the huge training catalouge, developed by our HR-Team. Training can be based on the focus area someone is working in (e.g. SAP training) or related to soft-skills needed within the different levels. In any way training training is not only offered, but with the goal setting also being ensured, that everyone is having regular trainings to ensure everyones career development. 
  3. Next to training Networking is a big topic, too and various offers available within every level of carrer or business area. To share and spread individual knowledge beyond single teams, knowledge transfer sessions to leverage the company's know-how take place regularly.

I hope this gave you an overview on the wide range of what BearingPoint offers to us employees. 

Best, Leandra 


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Anna-Lena replied on Nov 23, 2021
E.ON Inhouse Consulting

Dear Svenja, 

thanks for your question.

There are multiple dimensions of development at ECON. 

Mentoring & Coaching: You will have a personal “buddy” from day one, to support you in your onboarding as well as a development leader who acts as your sparring partner and coach throughout your journey.

Training: At ECON you have 6-9 training days per year plus additional days for educational leave (e.g. for language courses) or external coaching.

Feedback: Feedback is key for us - be it the regular quarterly performance reviews, adhoc or peer feedback or also upward feedback that you give to the senior team. We live a very open and transparent culture here to develop each other.

Find more info here:

Best, Anna-Lena

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Katrin on Nov 23, 2021

Dear Svenja, all of what Anna-Lena outlined has has helped me to develop a lot. I especially appreciate our trainings. We have great external trainers offering intense learnings. In addition, the training atmosphere holds space to connect and discuss development experiences with peers on a very personal level.

Jana replied on Nov 23, 2021
Senior Consultant Product Supply

Dear Svenja,

I would also name three pillars of support at Bayer Strategy & Business Consulting:

- Buddy/ Mentoring program: A senior colleague will answer all of your questions and assists you whenever you face challenges.

- Training: Every consultant can plan a certain amount of training days per year. This can be individually scheduled based on development interests. In addition, we have a certain amount of mandatory trainings for all consultants.

- Feedback: Feedback is an integral part of Bayer S&BC. We always have the opportunity to receive but also give feedback. If you identify improvement areas in your feedback, your supervisor will help you in finding good ways to tackle those.

I hope this helps :)


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Ksenia replied on Nov 25, 2021

Hi Svenja,

At DHL Consulting, we offer plenty of opportunities for personal & professional growth and development:

1. Personal Developer: Each employee has a dedicated Personal Developer - somebody from the top management team. This is your go-to person to discuss project preferences, upskilling needs, future career aspirations etc. Your PD represents your interests at bi-annual PD conferences where they make promotion decisions, among other things. 

2. Training Academy: DHL Consulting offers a huge variety of trainings. Additionally, you can take 10 training days a year and a dedicated budget. 

3. On the project learning: At DHL Consulting, you get a lot of responsibilities and client exposure from day 1, which is always the most amazing opportunity to grow and learn. Of course, your project manager and other team members will always be there to support and coach you.

4. Focus topics/tribes: We also have internal focus topics which we deem important for the future (e.g. Data Analytics) where we explore new concepts and think about ways to implement them at DHL. You can always join - this is a great way to build expertise in your area of interest. 

5. Buddy program: As soon as you join, you will be assigned a buddy - one of the consultants who will accompany you at the beginning of your journey in the company. They will explain you how things work, introduce you to other team members etc.  You can always reach out to them in case of questions. 

Best regards,


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