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Summer Associate interview process in BCG?

Anonymous A asked on Oct 18, 2018

Hi I intend to apply for an internship in BCG soon, may I know how many rounds there will be and what the process is like?

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Francesco replied on Oct 18, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

the answer depends on the country you are in and whether you have other offers or not. In general, the process includes:

  • Potential test
  • 1st round interview
  • 2nd round interview

Sometimes you will have to do the potential test together with the first round interview. In some countries, you may also have a third round interview. The fact that you have an offer from a competitor may reduce the number of interviews you will have to go through.

Generally speaking, the process is made by interviews including the following:

  • Fit questions (5-10 mins)
  • Case (30-35 mins)
  • Your questions for the interviewer (5 mins)

Hope this helps,


Anonymous B replied on Oct 20, 2018

In Spain the process is:

1. BCG potential Test

2. 1st and only Round - 2 interviews (each consisting of: fit questions + case + your questions)

I imagine it is similar in other offices.

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