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Simon-Kucher practice cases


Hi everyone,

Does anyone have previous cases (along with data and recommendations) of Simon-Kucher & Partners?

Thank you,


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Levia replied on 01/29/2016

Hello Mohsin,

not particularly, but you might find some useful data here: http://www.simon-kucher.com/files/SKP_Case_Interview_Prep.pdf

Even with sample cases from p. 15 onwards ;) Best wishes!

Mo replied on 01/29/2016

Thank you, Levia.

Mo replied on 03/02/2016

Hi Philip,

Thank you for sharing the case (and sorry for the late reply). Do you by any chance have the supporting information for it?



Philip replied on 02/04/2016


"You are entering a DIY-store and see the sale for a high-professional barbeque grill. This grill costs 30.000€ with cool-box and an umbrella. Should you buy it or not?"