Should I take lower paid entry level position in M&A advisory at EY or a much better paid research position at MBB?

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New answer on Aug 14, 2022
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Andres asked on Aug 12, 2022

Do you think the research position at MBB would do more damage than good in the long-term? After all, my interests are not in Research for consulting but in consulting itself.

My long-term goals are in Private Equity/M&A consulting. I know the position at EY sounds like a better match but compensation is 40% lower than at MBB research.

I already have internship experience in M&A advisory and am thinking of doing a Masters in Finance to maybe pivot to PE/M&A consulting afterwards. 

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Anonymous updated the answer on Aug 14, 2022

Hi there, 

congrats on your options! Nobody can give the answer as we all are driven by different things, but generally and thinking of benefits in the long run:

1. MBB is a diamond name on your CV

2. MBB offer a really steep learning curve (problem solving, dealing with C levels, commercial excellence etc.)

3. MBB give an access to an amazing networking access including becoming alumni with its advantages

4. MBB can actually secure you a job when leaving

Good luck!


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replied on Aug 13, 2022
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These are two great offers to have - congratulation! Of course there is no right answer here. There are probably two ways in which I’d think about this:

1. What do you need now to live a happy life? The pay is higher at MBB - how important is that to you? How much will this impact your happiness? And which role do you find more interested in / excited by now? The key to progressing is to love what you’re doing. Is there one role which you’re more drawn to?

2. Which is more likely to get you to PE / M&A consulting? What are you researching in the research role? Is it related? And what opportunities are there to move from research to consulting? I’d ask the recruiter if this is a move that people make. And similarly on the EY role - how easy is it to move across?

Once you have these answers then consider them both together - remember, there is no wrong answer, just slightly different paths. 

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replied on Aug 14, 2022
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Hi Andres,

This is a really hard decision.

One could argue the MBB brand is worth any name - I'd probably say that's only if it's McKinsey.

Personally, I've made some professional/personal moves that “beat around the bush” because I thought they would eventually get me to where I wanted. I learned to just go straight towards what I wanted (analogy for EY Consulting).

Your decision requires a real conversation with yourself, your peers, your friends, your family, and, potentially, a career coach.

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