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Anonymous asked on Nov 18, 2018


I had a few cases where the interviewer asked me to basically compare 2 scenarios. I will list 3 examples:

- A driver has to make a decision between driving for Uber or a Taxi Service

- Customer Service is currently outsourced to 400 small players but client is thinking of centralize it all to 1

- Online payments for a fuel station: A pilot version and comparing both scenarios

In all of these cases, there are basically always 2 scenarios and it is the essence of the case to analyze both. I have been able to solve these cases, but am not convinced yet of a certain structure that always works to approach them. What I am doing now is: Current operations/service in first brance and then new service/pilotversion etc. in second branch. It would basically mean that those 2 branches look exactly the same except their title. Furthermore, I don't really know what else could be significantly relevant in such cases to have a complete and MECE structure. If anyone has an idea, feel free to shoot and discuss!

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Nope, you should still have a proper structure.

Think of it as a matrix, where o the Y axis you have the 2 options, and on X you have the key drivers that you would like to compare.

E.g. for an Uber example (if we assume that Uber provides no fuel or insurance benefits and the costs are the same - smth you can check in the clarifying questions) it will be:

  • Operating hours
  • Orders per hour
  • Average revenue per order (+tips, + surge pricing)
  • Bonuses, loyalty benefits


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Jeffrey on Nov 18, 2018

Hi Vlad, definitely agree with all of this. Thank you very much. But, in terms of a proper structure. How would you structure it?

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