Roommate or No Roommate Consulting Internship?

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Anonymous A asked on Mar 29, 2021

Hello !

I am moving to a new city for the summer and am between choosing a studio apartment 20 minute walk from the office (in Miami so it's a hot walk), or an apartment with 2 roommates 5 minute walk from the office. The roommates both work in the same firm, also interns, but I have never met them. I am not sure whether the work will be remote this summer or not, I know some activities will be in office. Is it better to have a roommate during an internship? Prices will even out because of location, so I would pay just a tad more for the studio. But I think: will I be missing out a lot socially if I don't live with people and right next to the office? Are consulting cohorts usually tight?

I know I can make friends in the city on my own, I'm pretty extroverted.

on Mar 30, 2021
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on Mar 30, 2021
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Hi there,

First, congratulations! Well done!

Now, I presume you're the individual who asked this question: :)

I would make the following additional points to my previous answer:

  • Fundamentally, this is a you question. Do you do well with roommates? Or prefer to be alone? Everyone is different!
  • Have a call with your potential rommates! We now live in a virtual world...take advantage of this and setup a video call to get to know each other!
  • When I was consulting, I personally preferred roomates - I didn't like the idea of coming home from Mon-Thurs to an empty place.
  • Consulting cohorts are usually very close. The question is whether you'd like to diversify or not

Good luck with the choice - don't worry the experience will be impactful either way!


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Totally depends on how you recharge energy, if by being alone or by being with people.

This said, if they are also working for the same consulting, it usually works super super super well to be together.

I would recommend it.

Hope it helps!



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Hello there!

Considering the fact that the prices are even and its summer internship - I would suggest you live closer to the office with the roommates. BUT. If you have their contacts - communicate with them first. It will help you to understand if these people suit you and if each of you will benefit from it.

Congratulations on your internship!


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Hi, congrats on the offer! It depends on many factors, but the ability to enjoy the city center and to share an experience with colleagues totally worth the choice in my opinion


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