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Restructuring case

Anonymous A asked on May 01, 2019

Hi all,

I had a restructuring case during my interview with one of the Tier 2 consulting firm.

The question is like "How to successfully sell the new product (i.e. software) through restructuring"

At the end of the case, the interviewer told me that i considered only qualitative aspect but not quantitative aspect (fiannce). So i am confused how to approch this kind of case and have 2 questions:

1) What can be the clarifying question to ask ?

2) What is the framework ?

Thanks !!

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replied on May 04, 2019
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I would say the first clarifying question you would need to understand prior to diving into any quantitative (or qualitative) components of the case would be to understand what is meant by "restructuring" and the wider situation faced by the software company in this case. Once we understand that further we can start thinking about a relevant framework to use.