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Özgür asked on Dec 14, 2016 - 5 answers

Dear all,

Can you please share your reading list for consulants?
I will start with a book that helped me understand the core of consulting as a business.

- David H. Maister: The Trusted Advisor


- WirtschaftsWoche (German)

Feel free to copy and expand the list.

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Nabil (Bill) replied on Dec 23, 2016
Currently preparing for McKinsey and Bain interviews.

Other interesting reads would be:

  • The pyramid principle by Barbara Minto
  • The Boston Consulting Group on Strategy: Classic Concepts and New Perspectives by Carl W.Stern

  • Consulting: A Practitioner's Perspective by Mohan Kancharla

Good luck.

Rufus Franck replied on Jul 27, 2018


We actually did some research on this as we wanted to know the same.

From a total of 199 Consulting Books reviewed and ranked, we concluded to a Top 20 of Most Recommended Consulting Books that appear on most of the Best Consulting Books lists.

The top 5 on the list is:

  • The McKinsey Way – Using the Techniques of the World’s Top Strategic Consultants to Help You and Your Business
  • The Trusted Advisor
  • Case Interview Secrets: A Former McKinsey Interviewer Reveals How to Get Multiple Job Offers in Consulting
  • The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking
  • Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

The full list can be found at:

Nabil (Bill) replied on Dec 23, 2016
Currently preparing for McKinsey and Bain interviews.

In my opinion, the best book that truly describes management consulting as a business and profession would be:

"Management Consulting: A Guide to the Profession" by the International Labour Office and edited by Milan Kubr.

Bear in mind, however, that the book is immense (roughly 900 pages) but extremely thorough.

Andrea replied on Dec 17, 2016
McKinsey first round coming up soon.

The McKinsey Way by Ethan M. Rasiel

Anonymous A replied on Dec 16, 2016