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Anonymous A asked on Apr 03, 2019 - 4 answers


Do we need to quantify & timebound the objectives in all situations?

If the case is "shall we enter this market or introduce this product or buy that new technology etc." how can we approach quantifying?

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Anonymous replied on Apr 22, 2019

Yes, you should. E.g. if it is an investment decision, you can quantify by indexing your approach on NPV.

Overall NPV in as-is situation vs investment decision.

You can check Moldovian Coffin case for more details



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Hi Anonymous,

as mentioned by Vlad, yes, you can quantify the objective also in the cases you mentioned; however, you should first clarify what is the goal of the client. Once understood what is the objective - eg. increase revenues - you can then clarify the amount and time to achieve it.



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the example you provided is pretty vague, so it's difficult to help.

For sure, you would definitely not jump into the "resolution mode" at that stage.

  • First, try to frame the situation: get a general understanding of the topic, have clear what are you discussing about;
  • Second, try to frame the question: make sure you understand what the interviewer is looking for.

Ps. Time is always a dimension to take in consideration, but rarely the only one.

replied on Apr 04, 2019
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Yes, absolutely! The interviewer will not always have an answer, but you should always try!

In the examples that you provided you can ask one of the following:

  • What will be the criteria for success for us?
  • Do we have any numerical objective in mind?
  • How do we define success?

Remember that even a simple market entry case can have different objective and completely different structures!