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Can anyone provide insight on the public sector consulting practice at Top Firms, Specifically the Big 4. I know that involves working with Federal, State and Local Governments. What I don't know is the types of engagements and is that a worthy option to explore? Additioanl information on Exit opportunities and how a public sector consultant is viewed in the industry will be highly appreciated.


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Cedric replied on Jul 18, 2018
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In public sector consulting you will be working with governmental bodies and other semi-public entities, on different country levels (federal, regional, local).

In terms of types of engagements, Big 4 consulting will mostly not be involved in the most strategic engagements, but more on engagements involving transformation, restructuring, operational improvements, ...

However, because public sector is very dependent on procurement rules, you might get a lucky shot in being confronted with more strategic cases (myself for example I did assignments on how to improve State Ownership, how to increase the digital interactions between government & citizens, & how to reduce childcare shortage in a large city).

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