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Hi everybody,

I have a real question, I have passed the McK and BCG PST pretty easily, even in BCG I was told that I almost had the record for the time used and correct answers, nevertheless I struggle a lot when it comes to online tests like Deloitte's which is more or less equivalent to a GMAT, is there any way to prepare for that kind of questions?

Thanks in advance

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Anonymous replied on Jun 26, 2019


There are a million ways to prepare for the GMAT! Especially given that you're excellent at the PST, I'm sure you just need a bit of guidance/practice on the GMAT before you do well. I'm not an expert on which GMAT resources are best, but a quick google and asking around should do the trick (I personally used Kaplan if that helps)

Alexander replied on Jun 25, 2019

As you yourself pointed out, these tests are very similar to the GMAT and you can use GMAT ressources to prepare for them. I would recommend, which has several helpful primers. If you fare well in the PST but have trouble with GMAT-type questions, it is likely that your grasp of math basics is lacking - in that case, reviewing basic formulas or geometry concepts would get you where you want to be. I would recommend tackling a few GMAT questions, isolating where your problems lie and then developing a study plan.

Good luck!

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