PST Office Test Day Norms?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 15, 2018 - 4 answers


Can anyone run me through the rough process I will go through on PST DAY?

Will i have chances to network, is there any time to impress, or is it purely just sit down, test leave?

I am testing in the McKinsey office next week.


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Anonymous replied on Mar 15, 2018

Hey anonymous,

There will be no way to impress anyone (there will be networking at all and in 99% of the cases you will not know the test results straight away).

Anyway, because I keep hearing this question from candidates, and also as I keep seeing in-loco candidates repeating this same mistake: please dress properly, which in consulting terms, mean at least putting on a suit.



Anonymous updated his answer on Mar 15, 2018


My experience of the PST in the UK was the same as described by Vlad. No real opportunity to talk to current consultants but some memebers of HR were present. Feedback was provided a week or so later via email.

Hope that helps.




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Hi Anonymous,

I agree with Vlad, you will simply sit down with other candidates and do the test. When I did mine in Italy, they also provided immediate results to all the candidates right after the test. Basically they let us wait after the test in the room, called us one by one and told us whether we would move or not to the next round.

If you have some working experience, sometimes McKinsey also organizes a test session for one person only, followed the same day by interviews so far that the result of the test is positive.



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If it is just the test day then you will be in the room with the other candidates writing a test. No consultants, no chance to impress or network unless you randomly meet some consultants and start a conversation.


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