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Probability that start dates are pushed back again (Bain)

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New answer on Aug 06, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Aug 03, 2020

I am a new hire from undergrad at Bain & co. in NA. What's the likelihood that start dates will be pushed back again? Dates already were pushed back ~12 weeks.

Edit: Original dates were June-October 2020. Now they are September-December 2020.


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updated an answer on Aug 04, 2020
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Honestly, it's truly hard to say. I think it's more unlikely than it is likely, as the shock of Covid has already hit. However, the possibility is always there.

If you can provide the initial start dates and the news ones we could also provide you with a better idea.

EDIT: It is more likely that Sep-Dec 2019 start dates are pushed back than Jan-Mar 2021 ones are. However, I do still believe pipelines have stabilised across most offices.

Since September is fast approaching I don't think it is inappropriate for you to reach out to HR in the next week or so and see if they have any insight or visibility into the start dates (Make sure you come across as just wanting to know for planning purposes...don't be demanding)

Furthermore, make use of your time! Assume you'll have a delay and you won't be disappointed

Send out feelers to see if you can snag an internship or part-time job...the extra experience, income, and backup, are all good to have.

Prepare for the GMAT/GRE (if higher education is any future possibility) - Igiven you've graduated recently, preparing for the GMAT/GRE will be much easier than if you do it later. Trust me! I took the GRE my senior year of college and did very well, but struggled significantly with my GMAT 5 years later. Testing skills get rusty!

Data Science is a growing, important, and marketable field that I highly recommend gaining skills in. You may not have to get a full certificate (though it is an option). There are many one-off classes that you can group together (i.e. a database design/structure class, SQL class, Python/Ruby, Tableau, Data insights/visualization, etc.)

Attend an academy to hone your skills - There are lots of academies out there that prepare you for the real world. Not a bad use of time to get skilled up so that you can hit the ground running at Bain and rise up the ranks even faster! (Feel free to PM me if you'd like to know of a few)


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replied on Aug 04, 2020
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Hi Anonymous,

In reality it's impossible to say at the moment - for anyone, including Bain.

Thinking about it, it's mostly a matter of (candidates) supply and (projects) demand. Obviously you can have a look at your project/sales pipeline at any point in time - but just because the project is planned that way for the time being, it doesn't mean that the client won't actually push back those dates at a later time before starting (apart from oftenly erratic sales cycles .. sometime a project is closed within a few days and others only after a couple of months).

Long story short: balancing supply and demand in a consulting firm is always like aiming at a moving target - on average you need to be close to it, but looking at single instances you might fail it by far. And that's the situation we look at - and what's the probability of being close or failing it by bar in your specific case? Impossible to answer, just a guess.

Hope that helps - if so, please be so kind to give it a thumbs-up with the green upvote button below!


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Anonymous replied on Aug 06, 2020

Dear A,

It's quite difficult to predict it, because if really unstable situation with COVID and expectation of the 2nd wave. If your offer is signed, don't worry, you will be notified about it, or you can keep contact with HR from time to time, but mot too often.

If you are worrying on what to do in this time, before your job starts I would recommend you to take some rest, because working in consulting is not an easy thing.

Wish you best of luck,


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Anonymous B replied on Aug 06, 2020

It is possible. I advised a friend with an offer to keep looking right upto the first day. Another member of Preplounge posted about how EYP rescinded an offer with barely a month's notice. Unpredictable times and the best course of action is to hedge your bets

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Ian gave the best answer


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