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Anonymous A asked on Aug 27, 2020


I had a question about reapplying to MBB / T2 firms in Australia. I am planning to reapply to these firms early next year in the graduate rounds, it would have been 2+ years since my last application to these firms. I understand that there is a strong emphasis on progression for reapplicants so I'm wondering whether I should take the GMAT and hopefully achieve a high score (730+) to put on my resume. I am one year out of undergraduate university and pre-MBA.

Some background info on my progression since my last application:
- I have secured a return offer for the graduate program at one of the B4 strategy arms
- I had 2 part time jobs in financial services (superannuation and accounting firms)
- I became more involved in social impact activities through volunteering regularly at two organisations

I've been told that my progression is not impressive enough and that I should take the GMAT to boost my application - I would be keen to hear your thoughts before I commit to an intensive period of study and exam preparation.

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I looked at the progress you have made in the last two years. There definitely is a lot of it but I am afraid the person that told you the progress isn't enough is right. The people you are competing with have gone to the best schools, have extremely high GPAs and have the top brands on their resume. If you want to get into MBB a combination of the above is required. If you are hoping for the 2 years to count ideally you want to work for 2 years in a prestigious company doing a meaningful role which you can then leverage to get a job in MBB

GMAT scores don't count towards this 2 year decision. They are one indicator of aptitude but all 3 firms have tests they make you take for that anyway.

My suggestion would be to pursue a full time role that you have in hand for now and progress in it, have achievements to be proud of and leverage that for MBB



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Anonymous A on Aug 27, 2020
Hi Udayan, thanks for your reply. To clarify, I am currently working at one of the B4 Strategy arms full time. Would you say that it's still not as necessary to take the GMAT?
Correct - very few people would care about your GMAT score and unless you go to an MBA program you will end up spending a lot of precious time on it. Big 4 strategy is good - if you work on some relevant projects and do well you can leverage that for a referral into MBB in 2 to 3 years

Hi, I confirm GMAT is not crucial for your application. Feel free to send me your CV for quick feedback



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Overall, GMAT is only a useful KPI when you are looking for business schools and MBAs. MBBs usually disregard it. However, it won´t harm of course to write it down



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Hi there,

Unfortunately, the GMAT really isn't going to do anything to improve your odds.

Rather, a high GMAT then leads to you attending a target MBA program, which would improve your odds.

While it's great that you have made progress in your career, it's really not the type they're looking for. You'll actually need to spend time in a full-time role at one of the B4 strategy arms and show clear progression and responsibilities over multiple years.

Specifically regarding Australia, I worked at BCG Australia so I'm happy to talk to you more about Australia-specific tactics in your re-application.


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Dear A,

GMAT will not boost your application. Degree like MBA will, but GMAT alone doesn't bring any value to you.

So if you want to do it, then you simply need to do an MBA afterwards and may be apply after your MBA.

Hope it helps,


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