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Joana asked on Feb 04, 2018 - 3 answers
Looking for case partners. Currently preparing for McK.

Hi guys!

Would anyone know where I can find pratice cases in Portuguese? Interviewing for the Luanda office.


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Anonymous replied on Feb 04, 2018

Ola Joana,

As others have already stated, there aren't many cases in Portuguese - even in MBBs Portugal and Angola we practise mainly with English ones, but it's quite straightforward to translate them from English to Portuguese to practise.

Anyway, if you PM me we can discuss this further as I've extensive knowledge of both McKinsey (spent 1 year there) and BCG in Luanda, so might be able to help you with the best strategy for you to find those cases (even if they are not off-the-shelf!)



replied on Feb 04, 2018
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Sorry don't have any, however the content doesn't change from the ones in English

Ok thanks for clarifying! — Joana on Feb 05, 2018

Juan Pablo replied on Feb 04, 2018
I did my internship in consulting and now I am preparing actively for interviews


As far i have seen, there are not many cases in portuguese in the web. You would have to buy the paperback issue in portuguese of the common handbook cases, however they are not easy to find.

I would strongly suggest you to do mock interviews with english cases and answer them in portuguese, which could be the best idea.

Thanks for your comment - are you preparing interviews in Portuguese too by any chance? — Joana on Feb 05, 2018

I am not preparing them in Portuguese, However i do speak portuguese. If you want to have a mock interview in Portuguese, just send a message — Juan Pablo on Feb 05, 2018