Opportunities / comparison of RB globally vs in the US.

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asked on Oct 09, 2018

Hi RB team,

My question revolves around how RB fares globablly, versus in the US. From my understanding, the US practice is much smaller. How does this interplay with the quality of learning experiences, brand, growth opportunities, and project opportunities compared to the global brand? My uninformed concern about the US office is that due to the lack of scale, it may not be as great of an opportunity as when assessing the firm in the EU.

My decision criteria would be in terms of learning experiences and growth opportunities.

Thanks in advance.

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Yves replied on Oct 12, 2018

Dear Jason,

the answer to your question depends on your perspective of "learning experiences and growth opportunities".

If it is about project experiences and clients that allow you to have a steep learning curve and personally grow with the challenges, I can assure you'll be fine because we do have interesting projects and clients all around the world and constantly grow globally.

If it is about your personal "growth opportunity" and your current goal to get into one of the MBB consultancies via working for us, there definitely are great exit options for our consultants since clients as well as competitors worldwide are well aware of our brand and value the skills and experiences of our consultants.



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