Oliver Wyman Pre-Interview (online)

Oliver Wyman pre-interview
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Anonymous A asked on Nov 29, 2018

Hello all,

does anyone have experience with the Pre-Interview test of Oliver Wyman?

After applying online I received an e-mail requesting me to complete this onilne Pre-Interview which should take 20 minutes. It asks about 1) work style preferences 2) past work experience and 3) past non-work and academic experience.

I appreciate if anyone could share some insights what this test is about and what they are looking to find out wih the answers.


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replied on Mar 05, 2019
Looking for advanced/solid partners to practice for upcoming interviews

Hello, I also have to complete the online pre-interview and I'd really appreciate if you could give me your feedback on it.

Many thanks in advance!

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Anonymous on Sep 10, 2019

What was in it? Did you move forward after it?