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Numerical Reasoning test for Oliver Wyman - has anyone done it?

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New answer on Mar 09, 2020
3 Answers
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Sophie asked on Dec 07, 2018

If you have taken this test - Numerical Reasoning test for Oliver Wyman could you please give me some tips? thank you

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Anonymous replied on Mar 09, 2020

Hi Sophie,

You can find a lot of forums online where people share past questions and answers. It really helped me demystify the process and get actual insights in terms of what to expect. Bonus, the same questions sometimes come back!

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Geoffrey replied on Dec 10, 2018

Hi Sophie,

The most important thing I would stress is to suppress the desire to answer every question. You often get less than a minute per question, and spending even a few seconds on a question that you are unsure about can hamper you in answering future questions. Therefore, it might be more advantageous to skip questions you are unsure about, thus ensuring you answered as many questions as possible correctly. I do believe there is negative marking, so this strategy works well.

In terms of questions asked, its quite standard to other numerical tests, plenty of percentages and GRE level math questions.

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replied on Dec 10, 2018
PrepLounge Head of Product & Marketing
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