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Newbie in Case Prep, questions about Case Library and 1st Meeting

newbie preparation
Recent activity on May 29, 2017
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Martin asked on May 28, 2017
Looking for partners to practice McKinsey, Bain, BCG Interview

Hi fellows,

I'm new here in PrepLounge, it would be greatly appreciated if someone can tell me:

1, As a non Premium User, I have access to 4 meetings, however I do not have access to Case Library. What would be the best way to start my 1st meeting without any case available from Case Library? Should I just use any case I found online?

2, Is it possible to join the meeting as the Interviewee only?

Many thanks and best of luck to everyone.

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David replied on May 29, 2017
Looking for some practice

Hi Martin,

as Talent Manager here at PrepLounge I am happy to provide you with an answer to your questions.

Indeed, the better you have read through the case before giving it to somenone, the better you can guide your interviewee through the case. However, we are trying to design the cases here at PrepLounge in a way that allows the interviewer to give it rather spontaneously to others. Do not worry too much, and if you get to be the interviewer first you can enter the meeting room and familiarize yourself with it and the case (and change it, should you want to). Note that with cases you found online sharing exhibits can be quite clumsy.

Joining a meeting as the interviewee only is theoretically possible, but not the usual thing that we see happening between users. To have a full session of being interviewee only make sure to check out our experts here. You do not have to be the interviewer with them ;-)

Hope this helps, sunny regards from Cologne,


Talent Management

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Martin on Jun 17, 2017

Hi Björn, I just had my very first cases today on PrepLounge, it was great and much better than expected. Thank you for your advice.

David on Jun 17, 2017

Hi Martin, very glad to hear! Keep up the good work! Reach out to us, should you have any further questions. Best, Björn

Anonymous A replied on May 28, 2017

Dear Martin,

I concede that I am not answering your question directly, but I did want to volunteer that one of the best ways to prepare for a meeting with a case partner is by giving him or her the high professional standards (such as sourcing good cases, becoming familiar with them, and being prepared to deliver them professionally) that you would find useful for yourself.

Happy Casing!

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