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Anonymous A asked on Nov 19, 2018

Does interviewing with a partner on this website to assess where I am cost money? Is there a fee? I just want to find out before I reach out to my busy consultant friends at my target companies. I have done so many cases so far. I feel that at this point, I am helping so many people on this website by giving cases and sharing my feedback, but I am not getting the same quality of benefits from my case partners.

I already practiced enough cases and recently learned about this website. I recently exchanged cases with several partners whom I found on this PrepLounge website, and I have had some various partners. I have met partners

who claim to be a good case giver but tells me that the individual has not done many cases? ( In general, I'd like to think that the quality of case-giving is proportional to the quality of case-solving )

one who cancels at the last minute

one who books a sessioin with me and just forgets about it with no response whatsoever

one who gives me a case but is a horrible case giver (can't clearly present information or doesn't know how to leade the interviewer while approriately controlling the amount of information to share with interviewees)

one who is late for the session and demands that the individual stops giving me a case before I finish so that s/he can receive a case from me and stops giving before s/he finishes. What is the point of practicing a case if one doesn't get a chance to finsih the case?

On the other hand, I also met with case partners who were very well prepared, cordial and helpful, reaching out to be ahead of time and preparing for our scheduled session. In the end, they made me to want to work with them as my colleagues at whatever consulting companies we were going for.

I also would like to add that I am glad to have found this website, and this website was worth when I found good case partners. I'd like to find more of these respectful people without costing my time and energy for multiple cancellations, no shows and rude case giving.

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replied on Aug 20, 2020
PrepLounge Community & Marketing Manager

Hi everyone!

Some time has passed since this question has been asked. However, we know that a lot of users browse through interesting questions like this one and look for information on case partners, coaching, and different type of programs being offered here on PrepLounge. You may have noticed that the Prep4Success program has been replaced by the new CoachingPlus program. It's the ideal case interview prep package, that includes everything you need to ace your upcoming case interview: the unlimited possibility to practice with peers and three to ten coachings with former management consultants that will drill you to unfold your entire potential. And all this at an unbeatable price!
Once you have purchased the CoachingPlus package, you will immediately have access to all Premium resources and receive coaching credits based on the number of coachings you have selected. You can directly use these credits in your coaching cockpit to schedule your sessions with your CoachingPlus coaches.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Hope this helps and best of luck for your case prep and upcoming case interviews!


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Krischan replied on Nov 19, 2018
Practicing for MBBB, S&, and others. Feel welcome to text me and train with me, online or offline.

Hey Anonymous,

At first, I am sorry for your bad experiences with bad case partners. Unfortunately, you'll meet various characters with bad habits, but as you mentioned (hopefully) more with good manners. Needless to say, you'll make similar expectations while working as well.

Regarding your question. You may assume that preplounge experts love to help out future consultants like you and me. However and as always, if you are good at something, don't do it for free.

Prices reach from 150 to 300 EUR/hour, although I haven't had the chance to use one of these offer, I am 100% positive that you'll get honest and qualitative (!) feedback and a lot of advise where to improve and what your current status is in comparison to other students.

I hope that answers your initial question. All the best and good luck with your future case partners.

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replied on Nov 19, 2018
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

Sorry to hear of your experience. I have had a few clients lately giving me the same feedback. I cannot know if this is 'normal' or just a recent phenomenon. I have started putting my advanced clients in touch with each other as a result.

Understand though, it may also be a function of you being ready / near ready if no-one can give you significant actionable feedback.

Good luck as you keep preparing -


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replied on Nov 20, 2018
PrepLounge Head of Product & Marketing

Hi Anonymous A,

welcome to PrepLounge and thanks for asking your question on our Consulting Q&A!

We are sad to hear that you have had disappointing experiences with some of your case partners on PrepLounge. Unfortunately, a user's self-evaluation can be wrong. In order to optimize your case practice you can do the following:

  • Especially, if you are very advanced we recommend you to check a candidate's reviews before scheduling a meeting.
  • Furthermore, don't forget to check out our PrepGroups, as there are some very dedicated and advanced users practicing with each other.
  • Last but not least, agreeing with Krischan: The best feedback and most efficient case practice you can get is by solving cases with our experts. They have many years of experience at top consulting firms and have already helped thousands of candidates land their dream job offer. You can individually book the sessions directly with each expert or take advantage from our Prep4Success coaching package.

Hope this helps and best of luck for your case prep and upcoming case interviews!


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