M.Sc. with good grades but no experience - how to enter?

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I already graduated (Physics, really good grades & good university) so most firms I apply to ask me to apply for an Associate position instead of an internship. But I worry, that they will reject me because I lack relevant experience. Are there other entry possibilities/internships - anything I can do to "get in"?

I already got invited for interviews by KMPG, BCG but also got declined by some others. Should I apply everywhere or try to get an internship or sth else first? It bad that I might get declined or can I apply again after some internships or sth?

PS: Additionally, I have an exchange semester in Hong Kong and a scientific publication in the journal Physical Review. The "only" thing I'm missing is the relevant practical experience.


on Apr 16, 2021
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on Apr 16, 2021
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Hi Vincent,

Here are my thoughts:

  1. If BCG invited you, you have the potential to be invited by all the major strategy consulting firms
  2. If time allows, try to get an internship before applying to other consulting firms to strengthen your CV
  3. Try to get a referral to strengthen your application. It is the #1 thing that can help you to land invitations. You can find more at the link below: https://www.preplounge.com/en/consulting-forum/hey-everyonehope-all-is-well-3176



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Hi Vincent,

Reading in between the lines..am sensing desperation in you. Thats never a good place to start.

Without seeing your CV, its hard to tell what specifically you have to offer. How can you transalate a Physics background to fit with Consulting?

Look at your eduation, internships/projects experience etc and be honest with yourself where you stand in terms of being of value to MBB/Consulting firms in general. Cast your net wide at this early stage in your career unless you are dead sure on MBB firms or a particular set of Consulting firms. Not every company is going to short list you and thats okay. Key thing is to know where you fit better.


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Hi Vincent,

Don't worry, you're going to be just fine. Here's my advice:

  1. Network as much as you can. One "excuse" for your networking can be asking people what role they think you'd be best for.
  2. Diversify. Apply to several internships. Apply to several full-time roles. Apply to several internships outside of consulting.
  3. Optimize your resume. There are ways to "hide" weaknesses in your resume. Send it to me and I can help you figure out how to emphasize your strengths and hide this weakness in experiences!
  4. Build experiences. Launch a startup, become the leader of a club, get a part-time role. Anything to build that "work experience" section.

Good luck!

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A firm is not going to ask you to apply if they think you will be rejected at the outset. Be confident in applying for roles that they suggest for you. In general I would HIGHLY recommend starting with an internship, that both gives you work experienc and lets you see if you will be a good fit for consulting or whether you prefer a different role.



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Hi, very often when you apply for a full-time position and the experience is not enough you are invited by HR to apply for an internship role. Good CVs are not rejected, therefore if you have a strong academical background (target university) and some international or working experiences I would go for the full-time application



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Yeah, I have an exchange semester. Thank you

Hey there!

To gain some practical experience the internships will a great option for you. However, as Adi mentioned, you need to work on your CV and make your Physics background attractive for MBA or any other consulting company.

Don't give up! Try any opportunity you and you'll get to your destination.

For any further questions - reach out!


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Practical experience is of course - however, be pragmatic and go for an internship. Will boost your CV and you also get a return offer in the best case scenario. Do not worry too much about it right now since it is out of your control anyhow.

Be confident and apply - take the best offer for an internship and re-apply if you are not happy wiht the outcome.

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