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Move from Mck to BCG or vice versa

Anonymous A

I have seen people from ATK, Accenture, Deloitte etc join McK / BCG and the opposite (from McK / BCG to firms like ATK, Deloitte). However, I cannot remember seeing anyone move between BCG and McK. Is that true that this movemet does not happen? I have also heard that as each firm has a distinct culture they do not hire from each other. Would love to hear thoughts of the experts.

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Vlad replied on 10/10/2018
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They hire and the transitions are not a rare case. The major factor is the growth of the particular office / industry. I've seen the cases when McKinsey was hiring many people from the other companies to satisfy the recruiting needs.


Guennael replied on 10/10/2018
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Besides Sidi's 9bvious example, I have also seen people interning in one and later joining the other, or changing after an MBA. I also had a McK Partner who became BCG partner later. Definitely not common, but it happens.

For all their perceived and argued differences, the 3 firms are still more similar than anything

replied on 10/10/2018
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It is not common, but it can happen. I am such an example - worked in BCG for 2 years from 2011 to 2013 and then lateraled over to McKinsey in 2013, staying there for another 5 years.

Cheers, Sidi

Francesco replied on 10/11/2018
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Hi Anonymous,

as mentioned, there are examples of such move, although not as common as moving from second tiers to MBB and the other way around. Main reasons for that include:

  • Lack of growth opportunities with one company (eg longer than expected to move from Project Leader to Principal)
  • Relocation in different states. I personally know a guy who moved from one MBB to another as had to move from NY to Milan.
  • Cultural issues - lack of fit with colleagues or with the culture of the company


replied on 10/11/2018
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As a build on what other experts have already said - lateral moves sometimes happen when one firm is actively trying to headhunt consultants from a particular practice to build up their own. For example, some time ago I heard BCG tried to recruit a number of Bain consultants to grow their Private Equity practice.

I also heard of lateral hires happening slightly more frequently in "hyper-growth" markets like Dubai, where firms are really fighting for top-talent in order to fuel their massive growth.

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