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Monitor Deloitte - What makes them special?

Anonymous A asked on Nov 06, 2019 - 4 answers

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any insights about what makes Monitor Deloitte stand out? How are they different from other consultancies?

Or in other words: How would you answer the question "Why Monitor Deloitte?"

Thank you a lot! :)

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replied on Nov 07, 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

I would recommend to consider the following elements to provide reasons on why you should consider a particular company:

  • Sectors of interest: specific focus of the company in areas/products interesting for you
  • People you met and culture: specific people of the company you discussed with, and the things they shared on the company
  • Your growth opportunities: specific programs of the company you heard about to enhance your growth
  • Company potential: how much the company grew in the last year, which is a good guarantee for your future career as well
  • Size/reputation of the firm: smaller companies usually offer a more entrepreneurial culture, with higher growth potential internally. Bigger companies have more resources and support staff, and more prestige in terms of exit.

You may choose the three points more relevant for you and structure your answer accordingly.

Whatever topic you choose, you should apply a simple rule of thumb: if you can substitute the name of the company with another and have the answer that still makes sense, it means your answer is not specific enough. To be specific, you should talk about growth rates/specific people you talked to/specific research paper you read on the company. Yes, it will require some time spent to prepare this question in this way. But will also allow you to stand out, as very few people invest time preparing on this.

Hope this helps,

replied on Nov 07, 2019
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In addition to the inputs provided by other experts here, I would like to emphasize that the most important aspect you need to flash out during the interview is the insights you have based on your chat with your friends/network who work in Monitor. If you tell the interviewer the areas you are excited about / that differentiate Monitor based on your discussion with your connections, you will sound more credible and customized.



replied on Nov 06, 2019
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Hi Anonym,

don't try to say anything generic about why you want to go to consulting. These are reasons that apply to every company. Unfortunately, you will find exactly such reasons on the websites of the companies themselves when the companies want to tell you why you should join them.

ou can create specificity by referring to concrete information about the company (hard facts) or by arguing with the good company culture you have experienced at recruiting events or with friends working at the company (soft facts).

Best regards

replied on Nov 06, 2019
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Here are some other ideas that you can use to structure your thoughts:

  • You can start with general facts about the local office. Something like “Sidney office is the fastest growing McKinsey office worldwide.”
  • If you have an interest in a particular industry or client this may also be a great reason. For example, BCG can be the only consulting firm working with airlines in your region.
  • You may address the different Global opportunities and office initiatives. E.g. international staffing can be a good opportunity to learn about business in a particular country
  • Try to combine professional and Non-business rational. If you have friends working in that company, don’t forget to mention them and what you’ve learned from their experience.
  • You may use your other personal experiences like working with this BCG, it's deliverables or as it's client
  • You can provide your personal experience of working with Alums
  • Initiatives (McKinsey women / LGBT / etc. initiatives)

Good luck!

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