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Anonymous A asked on Apr 10, 2018

Hello everyone,

I have been doing the Med-Line Case, the reference case for BCG online test, and when arriving to question 23 and its answer, I am not sure of its justification and, in particular, why answer b) is correct

Here answer b:

b) The largest part of the growth of tourist arrivals to Greece will come from markets outside North and Central Europe.

Here the justification of why b) is correct:

If more and more tourists arriving in Greece come from outside North and Central Europe, this means that less come from Italy in proportion, ...

Does anyone could clarify why this answer is correct? Thanks.

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Anonymous B replied on Apr 11, 2018


I just did the Online Case as well and I want to mention two things.

1) the correct answer is D) - "all statements are correct" as an increased number of tourists arriving by plane and increase in competition with other countries also explains the decreasing correlation

2) this makes sense as the initial statement is implying that around the same proportion of italian tourists were arriving in Greece by ferry every year. Due to changes in competition, more international visitors in Greece and higher use of planes, the proportions have changed (more international tourists and less tourists arriving by ferry resp. considering other countries for their holiday).

Hope that helps.

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Carlos on Apr 11, 2018

Hello! Thanks for taking part in the discussion. I should have clarified that the right answer was d), which states that all previous answers are correct. I agree with you that (a) the increasing share of airlines as mode of transport for tourist travel and (c) competition from other tourist destionations in the Adriatic, expalin the decrease in the correlation. But I still don't understand why b) also explains the correlation.


Daniel on Apr 11, 2018

B) implies that there is an increasing share of (international) tourists coming from north and central europe, growing faster than the share of tourists coming with the ferry from italy. Thereby they increase the proportion of international tourists and decrease the correlation

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