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Soyeon asked on Sep 04, 2018

Hi, I am applying for new BA position of Mckinsey Tokyo. I send email with my resume attached and got an invitation mail to SHL test.

It passes 3 days since I took the SHL test; and I did not receive any mail regarding the result. Feels like I am rejected but want confirmation that I failed this time at least.

Do the consulting firm send email about the result(good or bad) to all candidates or they send it to who pass the tesr or interview?


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Anonymous replied on Sep 04, 2018

Hi Soyeon,

Don't worry! This does not mean you were rejected.

Companies usually send out the SHL test 1-2 days after the candidate applies, and forms part of the pre-screen. This means that nobody at your firm has reviewed your application yet. The results of the SHL test will be used together with your Resume/Cover Letter to review your application.

Therefore, once you complete your test, it is not at all unusual for there to be a larger wait time to hear back - this is the time it takes McKinsey to review your application. The firm won't respond with the results of your test - they will just reply once they have made a decision whether they would like to interview you or not.

Good luck and don't worry!

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replied on Sep 05, 2018
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Hi Soyeon,

I agree with Alessandro that it usually takes more than a couple of days to get results for a emailed test in consulting. As for your second question, I never heard of a case when MBB did not inform candidates whether they passed the step or not, thus they will likely let you know in any case which was the result.



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