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Anonymous A asked on Jun 04, 2021

Why for secondary roles such as knowledge analyst McKinsey does a selection process similar to strategic consiltancy roles? I know of a candidate who has done 6 interviews ( 3 with senior analyst, 1 with a senior partner, 1 with a partner, 1 with a senior manager) plus offered coaching sessions from a fomer EM. Why so much time even of partners for such roles?


on Jun 05, 2021
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Hi there,

The product of a consulting company is really…the people. They “rent” brains to other companies and every single person involved directly or indirectly in a project is very important for the final outcome. This is true for consultants, but also for HR, research analysts and any support team member.

The knowledge analyst role is different from the traditional consultant one, but definitely critical as well for the success of a project. That's why they invest considerable time as well recruiting for it.



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Hi there,

They're a top tier firm - why wouldn't they!

Do you give your best fighter pilots cheap jets and ineffective support technicians, radio operators, etc.? Of course not!

Consulting is a team effort. The knowledge analysts are held to the same calibre (and given the same amount of respect internally) as the consultants. This goes for all of the other staff as well! (IT, HR, etc.)

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Hi, I confirm the process is comparable in terms of exposure and the number of interviews. The recruiting process is crucial for McK and they invest all the effort required to guarantee the best in every role


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Hey there,

Generally, yes! Since the work, impact, and personal development is valued as much as for a generalist consultant the firm invests a lot into hiring analysts as well.

All the best!



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