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MBB recruiting process for Doctors/medical science backgrounds

Healthcare MBB Medicine phd
Recent activity on Dec 04, 2018
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 18, 2018

All the following questions are referred

in Pre-MBA context

I am from India but studying my MBBS degree(bachelors in medicine and bachelors in surgery), about to be a doctor in one year from top 10 medical schools in Nepal.I would like to apply for full time job positions in MBB based in Delhi,India.What would be the role of the undergraduate institution in the recruiting process?. Unlike campus recruitments which happen in most IITs(Indian Institute of Technology) they are uncommon in Med-schools.

What are the prerequisites needed for a bachelors in medicine students transitioning to a career in consulting?

September 17, 2018 - Anonymous A

1.What are the firms that actively hire about to be doctors (bachelors in medicine,MBBS)?

2.what would be the ambience and the competence of the work for doctors in the healthcare consulting space?

3.what are the skills and knowledge that are expected in the top tier consulting firms? would the hiring process for the doctors in consulting firms?

5.What would be the perfect resume for doctors/people from medical backgrounds?.what are the MBB looking for particularly in such cases. 6.What role does academics(grades/marks) play in recruiting process?.( since gaining high grades is a big deal in Med-schools)

7.What would be the role of the undergraduate institution in the recruiting process?

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replied on Sep 19, 2018
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Healthcare practise within MBB is growing and there are definitely opportunities for people like you with medicine background to join these companies.

1. In terms of which companies are hiring specifically in India, to my knowledge, all MBB are active and in particular Bain it is expanding its presence there.

2. The scope of healthcare consulting within MBB it is quite broad both in terms of sectors and type of projects. The most common projects sectors around public sector consulting, private hospitals, pharmaceutical organisations and medical device companies. You might find yourself working on a range of topics spannin from m&A, marketing, business unit strategy, corporate & portfolio strategy, to more implementation-related / operational ones.

3. The skills of medical-background candidates in MBB needs to be in line with what is normally looked for by this companies in all other candidates: problem solving and analytical skills, leadership skils ,teamworking, time management, prioritisation of resources, making difficult decisions under pressure. .

4. Hiring process for people with advanced professional degrees such as MD typically follow the experienced hire / MBA recruiting track (on avg including 3-5 rounds of 1h interviews) and join as Mid-level position (e.g. associates within McK, Senior Associate at BCG etc..). But that can vary a bit from case to case.

5. Focus on what said above in 3. but keep in min that in general MBB look for well-rounded candidate, so another thing to keep in mind is demonstrating extracurricular engagements in your CV.

​6. Also grades do play an important role in selection, and if you have notable results it is worth highlight those (mention those in a way that is internationally undetstandable e.g. refering to relative performance Top x%) , but are not only factor taken into account in the application.

7. Medical undergraduate institution can play a role when it comes to e.g. a) suggesting you a person in the alumni network b) pinpointing specific events/campus activities that you can attend to meet consulting companies

I remain available if you have futher questions on MD career in consulting and preparation.


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Harish chandra on Sep 19, 2018

Thank you so much Mr.Riccardo. What kind of extracurricular activities are the firms looking for? can I meet and connect with the insiders of the companies and get recommendations from them?(since most med-schools in India and Nepal doesn't have these consulting companies coming to the campus) 3. Any other suggestions? . I will contact you for further inquiries.

Riccardo on Sep 19, 2018

Hi - you can demonstrate your skills through many different activities. In that sense there are no 'must-have' things. Any activities you undertook that can show your entrepreneurship and initiative, it should be great for instance. But could also be activity within university or sport. In general - whatever is the activity - you should try to quantify the results / your impact and be specific as much as possible. Regarding how you can connect with insiders, LinkedIn is a fast and effective way to get first contacts. Then you can also check at career office at your university if there is one (even if no official events are being held at campus, normally university keep track of alumni contacts. Additionally you can write to local MBB hr to enquire if there are any open days / recruting events being organised directly at the offices in Delhi (they sometimes do). I remain availalble, best

Harish chandra on Sep 19, 2018

Thanks Mr.Riccardo for your valuable advice. I will contact you for further quarries.

Tom updated an answer on Dec 04, 2018

Yes, you can apply for a job. But ideally, you need to have a quality resume. I can say that with this you will help the site that is a summary of the order. And it selects everything individually for each client.


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