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Anonymous A asked on Jul 07, 2020

Hi there, im an mbb consultant (post-mba) in an international office.

My gf is now planning to pursue her MBA in the US probably starting next year (Sep/21).

I was wondering whether mbb supports temporary/permanent office transfers (I would assume that a 2-year transfer is probably a "permanent" one) in this kind of situation? Has anyone experienced this?


on Jul 08, 2020
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Yes MBB supports temporary transfers especially if you can provide a strong personal reason which you have. That said you would need at least 1-1.5 years of above average ratings in addition to consistently strong performance in your new office to make the transfer permanent. Another option would be to work with and impress partners that also operate in your 'target' office. This can be an easier/quicker path if feasible

But in light of COVID and relevant travel / visa restrictions - you may have to wait a few months for some form of normality to set in

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Anonymous A on Jul 07, 2020
Thanks for the reply! Honestly this would probably be a 2-year temporary transfer. But as far as I know, any >1year transfer is considered to be "permanent"... and hopefully covid-19 is no longer a threat by sep/21 :)

Hi Anonymous,

In general MBB supports office transfers if you have a solid argumentation for that. However, that will be only granted to the top-performers in the firm. So make sure you have a consistent record of top-ratings, otherwise the office transfer might not happen at all (exceptions exist, but the rule is for top performers).

(In the light of the current pandemic situation, you might also want to check any legal constraints you are facing).

Hope that helps - if so, please be so kind and give it a thumbs-up with the green upvote button below!


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Yes, indeed, and your reason is a valid one.

However, how things are atm, it might be more complicated than usual.

Perhaps the easiest thing in this point is to ask for engagements near her, that dont require visa troubles, etc.

Hope it helps!



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