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Ekundayo asked on Mar 31, 2018 - 2 answers

Hi, can one of the experienced consultant on this platform give an insight if a "Masters Degree in International Business" fully prepares candidates for a career in consulting and what are the percieved advantages of the programs compared to a MBA program.

Thank You!

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Anonymous replied on Mar 31, 2018

Hey Ekundayo,

On your first question, I don't think that there's a single course better than the others in preparing students to be successful consultants (courses with business, economics or engineer backgrounds are equally valued by the best consulting firms - each one develop a different skillset but all of them are crucial to be a great consultant).

On your second question, there's a huge advantage in the way the most of the consulting firms (and locations) see a Master vs. a MBA, starting by their typical recruiting profile (junior level for Masters; more senior to MBA graduates). After going through both, my view is that a Master give you much more technical skills, which are key to perform very well at junior levels, whereas the MBA focus more on leadership and soft skills, which seem to be key at more senior roles.



Thanks Bruno. — Ekundayo on Apr 09, 2018

This is my first interaction on the platform and the insight you have provided is a positive one.. — Ekundayo on Apr 09, 2018

updated his answer on Apr 01, 2018
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As for your first question - it depends on the quality of education in the particular University. You have to look at the University brand and the curriculum.

For the second question - it depends on the brand of the school / university

  • A top MBA school will give you much more business knowledge and skills relevant to consulting. Don't agree with Bruno here. You may get great technical skills if you select the proper classes
  • After MBA you are 100% eligible for the Associate (McKinsey) role, while non-MBA masters degree in many countries is not enough
  • Top schools guarantee you a smooth on-campus recruiting process since MBB companies are hiring a lot of MBAs.



Thank You Vlad! Your info are greatly appreciated — Ekundayo on Apr 09, 2018

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