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I'm starting my case prep, and as I am not from a business background, I'm wondering which business terms/concepts/theories I need to know to succeed a case interview and for consulting job in general. I had a look at the "business concept" section here, is that all the necessary info I need? Or can you recommend me additional material?

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Anonymous B replied on Feb 16, 2017

Let me just throw some key words of financial terms at you which you should very familiar with: revenues, cost, profit, ROI, payback period, COGS, CAGR, NPV, balance sheet, income statement. Important frameworks/concepts are: profitability, 4 Ps, 3 Cs, Porter 5 forces, Breakeven, SWOT, PLC. I think you can find most important information on the bootcamp part here. What I did is go through that and if I had trouble with one particular thing I googled it and there are many free sources that are really helpful. I haven’t studied with a book, so I can’t recommend you one, sorry. Hope this still helps!

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