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LinkedIn Summary when on the Consulting Job Hunt

Someone asked on Sep 22, 2018 - 5 answers

Hi! So my LinkedIn is pretty much all as it should be, except I don't have a 'Summary' at the top, which I know besides the picture is pretty much the most important thing.

To be honest I've just been unsure of what to write/what tone to use. I've noticed when I've looked at the profiles of consultants, some are very serious, some use humor, and some have none at all.

Obviously consulting is a serious business, but at the same time firms look for enjoyable people to be around. I've written a sample I was wondering if anyone could critique through private message-it shows my value, but also some personality. It's very short (3 longish sentences).

If anyone would be willing to help please let me know! Thanks in advance :)

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replied on Sep 22, 2018
Bain & Company | University of Cambridge | CV/Resume writing | 770 GMAT

Hey there,

Personally, I don't think LinkedIn is particularly important for Consulting applications.

To each firm you will apply with your CV and Cover Letter. This takes precedence over anything else for your experiences. Obviously, your LinkedIn should align with your CV in terms of experiences (or this would raise some red flags), but recruiters/CV screeners are unlikely to check it at all (just think about how many applicants they get).

LinkedIn because much more important later on, to network and connect with headhunters, who can help finding jobs in other industries after Consulting.

My recommendation would be to keep it short, professional, without being over the top. Your CV and experiences will speak for themselves.

Good luck!

Guennael replied on Sep 22, 2018
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Anonymous A,

I agree with Alessandro, and your updated comment doesn't change much in my mind: consultants are busy and many will probably dismiss the LinkedIn message out of hand if there's not an obvious link between you. Focus on people who come from your school, your town, or whom you share something significant with.

You definitely want to use LinkedIn, but it is only a tool among many. Don't get discouraged if you get few responses. Keep going at it, you won't succeed if you don't try.

Good luck!

Vlad replied on Sep 24, 2018
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Linkedin is absolutely irrelevant for a consulting job hunt, so don't worry about it.


Benjamin replied on Sep 24, 2018
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Honestly I don't think recruiters spend too much time on linkedin.
They receive and examine your CV and cover letter which are official documents. So far you're not supposed to have your linked profile ready for examination (this may change someday), and keep in mind that everyone writes what he wants on linked in without background check...
Plus the number of application they receive makes it impossible for them to double check with candidates linkedin profiles before inviting to itw.

Someone replied on Sep 22, 2018

**FROM ORIGINAL POSTER*** I can't seem to find a place to edit my post (I've only seen the Tools/Edit button immediately after posting, not later...if anyone knows how to do this please let me know)--

I should note that I'm using LinkedIn as a networking tool, not necessarily for a CV check. I live in a very small city but will be traveling to Munich and Berlin several times over the next few months for thesis research and job fairs, and so I'd like to start networking with people/try to set up an information interview or two if possible. I already have 2 contacts in Berlin (one I've met, one from LinkedIn) who are willing to meet (they suggested it in fact), but of course consultants are busy people and also I need to network within other firms.

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