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Job chances and entry position level for someone with a medical degree?

Anonymous A

Hello, though I am a MD and working for now almost 3 years at a university hospital, I am interested in changing my career and getting a consulting job. My question is

a) Do you think changing to consulting is possible without any prior experience in professional consulting or education/degree in buisness? And what do you think, which of the big players (BCG, McK, etc.) would probably be interested in such an applicant?

b) On which level, in the company's hierarchy, would someone like that (physician with a doctor's degree and job experience of around 3 years) enter?

Looking forward to your answers! Thank you so much in advance!

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replied on 12/29/2017
BCG Consultant |Consulting Case Coach at London Business School

Yes, the top tier consulting firms do hire MDs. I know of many doctors that have made the switch to consulting. Unfortunately, without an MBA your position is likely to be entry level or one small step higher (e.g. Associate or Senior Associate in BCG's hierarchy). However, your best bet is to call the HR representatives at each firm and ask them the question to get an answer that is specific to your geography.

Vlad replied on 12/29/2017
McKinsey / Accenture / More than 300 real MBB cases / Collected all Big 3 offers / Harvard Business School

Completely agree with Mitchell,

I would add that if you have a PHD, you can probably aim at a higher position (Associate level at McKinsey). But you should be very well prepared for the interview.


Odeh replied on 12/29/2017

I'm an MD. Message me privately and I can provide some advice based on my experience.

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