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Italia] Is the language barrier still high for non client facing roles?

Italia language
New answer on Jul 08, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Jul 08, 2019


I'm an MBA candidate with 5+ years industry experience, and Italy is one of the most famous countries for my Industry.

I don't speak Italian fluently (currently B2) so I guess I can't apply for a generalist/consultant role, however, I'd like to check the possibility for specialist or similar positions. In other words.. language can be a high barrier in Italy also for non client facing roles? (For overall consulting firms including Accenture, BIP, etc..)

I would like to know if there could be any possibility to enter consulting companies there without speaking local language fluently.

Thank you in advance for any advice !

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replied on Jul 08, 2019
5+ Years at BCG & Kearney Dubai & Istanbul | 400+ Trainees | Free 15-min Consultation Call


Having worked in BCG's Italian system, I can tell you that in special circumstances, a few employees were hired who did not have strong local language capabilities. If in doubt, you can write to local HR and ask for the requirements.



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replied on Jul 08, 2019
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


You can probably find a role at the end that will not require local language. The question is - why do you need one?

  • There are not that many non-client facing roles in consulting
  • With MBA you are probably overqualified for these roles
  • It will be very hard to make a transition to the generalist role in the future
  • With MBA you can be a consultant at any other country
  • You can also apply for any role in the industry and then transfer to consulting in a couple of years once you master the language


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5+ Years at BCG & Kearney Dubai & Istanbul | 400+ Trainees | Free 15-min Consultation Call
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