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Is it heard of for an MBB firm to provide a case coaching session first prior to second round interviews?

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Recent activity on Aug 28, 2018
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Venessa asked on Aug 28, 2018
Actively looking for steady case partners. Preparing for interview with an MBB.

I just passed Round 1 of 3 interviews last week at an MBB firm. Prior to arranging the second round, they informed me that they have assigned a coach (an associate) to me for a case coaching session for 1-on-1 case interviews (first round was a group interview). Just wanted to know if this was normal, or if not, what could be the reasoning behind it. Thanks!

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replied on Aug 28, 2018
McKinsey & Company | University of Cambridge | 50+ cases in various settings

Hi Vanessa,

Yes it is heard of - In fact, I had a coaching call with a member of the firm before I started!

Though in my experience this was more of a general chat of how these interviews go down, what to look out for with regards to that specific firm, and how to prepare for the interview - but it is not a coaching session in the sense that you "practice" and interview incl. case practice etc.

With regards to the reasoning behind it, it might be that they have a good impression of you based on previous interactions or your CV, or that they think that you might be particularly in need of a coaching call, e.g. because of coming from a non-business background.

If you have the opportunity to do such a call, I would definitely advise you to take it, and ask as much as possible!

Best wishes


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Anonymous A on Jan 14, 2020

Hi Jonathan, after the coaching session, can I ask the coach to evaluate my case performance and see how much more I need to do before the next round of the interview? If I feel I am not good enough to the final round, will the coach let me know?

Iris replied on Aug 28, 2018

Hi Vanessa,

Yes I have been offered that as well. As Daniel says, several firms have been offering the opportunity to practice with an ex-consultant and provide the opportunity to watch video lectures, practice with other candidates. What I've heard from friends within consulting firms is that they want to help you prepare so you can a perform optimally at the interview! :)



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replied on Aug 28, 2018
ex-Manager - Natural and challenging teacher - Taylor case solving, no framework

Yes I have recently heard this from several candidates. It basically means, that the MBB firm wants to make sure you will perform at your best level on the d-day. Take this as an opportunity !

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