Interview Structure: Always process all of your structure points?

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Daniel asked on Dec 31, 2017

Hi guys,

I am concerned about the initial structure you lay out in the very beginning of an interview. When it goes to the problem analysis later, should you work through all the points you've listed in your structure and kind of check them off if they are irrelevant or already processed (in order to show the interviewer that you have a structured approach)?

Thanks for your advice in advance and all the best for 2018!

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replied on Dec 31, 2017
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Hi Daniel,

in general, it is ok to consider all the points of your structure in your analysis to check their relevance. Most of the time, for a matter of time, the interviewer will ask you though to focus on only one or two of the areas you listed (this happens almost always in interviewer-led cases). In same rare cases, the interviewer will say nothing, letting you analyse all the points without asking to focus on specific areas. As a consequence, a good approach would be to (i) be ready to keep as a reference the initial structure and cover all the points presented, but also (ii) be flexible to focus on the specific areas the interviewer will ask you to consider, in particular in interviewer-led cases.

Hope this helps,


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