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I'm preparing to McK coming next week
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Anonymous A asked on May 09, 2018


ive got a one hour break between McKinsey interviews- any tips?


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replied on May 09, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

the following worked well for me during breakes:

  • Change environment. This alone will bring a major change internally. Going for a walk, rest in a nearby restaurant or bar are all good options.
  • Eat right amount of calories. Be sure you have full energy before the following interview. As a back up, keep some chocolates in case you feel low energy when back to the company office.
  • Read something unrelated to the interview. Motivational books, news, fiction. Whatever you can use to relax. If you feel too tired to read, you can watch a video/movie.
  • Listen to music that recharges you. Soundtracks should work well for that.
  • Eliminate any second thoughts on the previous cases. Whatever was your previous performance, convince yourself you have been successful. If you don't feel that, a good strategy is to keep a positive body language – smiling is a must – your mind will then follow your body language. This will project the right positive attitude in your next interview.

I would avoid any last-minute preparation at that stage since it would likely just bring stress.



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replied on May 09, 2018
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My recommendation for the break: take some time for a coffee, going for a walk, trying to mentally relax. By the time of the break, there is nothing you can (and should) do anymore - you will either advance to final round (in that case just continue what you were doing), or you will get some feedback on why it did not work out.

Cheers, Sidi

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replied on May 09, 2018
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Several things:

  1. Take a lunch with long-lasting carbs (Oats, quinoa, etc)
  2. Meditate (Headspace app can help you)
  3. Listen to the music
  4. No sleeping
  5. Brush up the FIT stories



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