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Internship IT Consulting - best firm?

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Hi all! My study is a combination of business administration (major) and IT (minor). This is why I'm really interested in IT consulting and topics like digitalization, digital transformation, business intelligence, big data etc. Can you tell me names of consultancies where I could apply to for an IT consulting internship to gain my first work experience? (this means a good firm, but also a firm where I have the chance to get an internship without previous work experience. I guess I won't really have a chance with MBB, and was thinking more about Accenture, Capgemini and Detecon...) Can you recommend me other firms? Thank you so much for your help

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Nuno replied on 04/11/2017

Hi there!

This could be the best place to look at first:


replied on 04/11/2017
x-BCG Dubai / recruiting lead for the US / interviewer, currently Regional Operations Manager @ Uber


I am recruiting for BCG's internship programme in the Middle East, and we do great work with our interns in general. I am highly biased, but would also highly recommend BCG in terms of the structure and robust nature of our internships!


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