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Anonymous A asked on Jul 06, 2018


is there any difference between applying MBB in Southeast Asia and US?

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replied on Jul 10, 2018
Ex-McKinsey Consultant; received offers from McK, BCG, and L.E.K.

Hi Anonymous A,

I believe it depends on the region from which you're applying.

Let me start by saying that standards (resume review and selection, performance in the pre-interview assessment tests, cracking the cases during the interview) are largely the same across these regions.

I'd also say that once you get invited to interview, most regional bias largely dissipates. So, from where do any differences arise?

Answer: initial selection BEFORE the invitation to interview.

If you are an outsider, US offices might increasingly decline to invite you in the first place if your eventual work status will require sponsorship. The current political climate in the United States makes this even more complicated.

If you are an outsider to the Southeast Asia region, then some demonstration in your application materials that highlight a professional, educational, or even personal tie to the region could be regarded favourably even if you will require visa sponsorship. Southeast Asia is a lot more flexible than the United States in this regard.

No need to worry about languages. As long as you speak English, you'll be fine; unless, of course, you apply specifically to the Bangkok offices where Thai really is a must!

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Anonymous B replied on Jul 08, 2018

Usually you need to be able to speak the local language of the office you are applying to (is this the case for SEA?) and its very difficult to get any offers here when you are not from that specific country since companies are from my experience quite reluctant to sponsor the visas.

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