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Anonymous A asked on Jun 17, 2021

Hello everybody, 

I was networking with the partner and he looped in the recruiter and she asked me to apply online. I applied online and got the assessment test and completed it.

However, after 10 days I was asked to complete the test again as somebody had referred me. I do not know who it was as I had approached 11 partners in that office. 

When I was asked to take the test for the first time I did not even complete it due to time constraints. 

Now the thing is that when I got the test for the second time I completed it 4 mins early as I knew the format and it went extremely well. 

Now I have two login IDs which was provided by the company to take the assessment but that has only one email ID. 

How will they evaluate me? Which test will they consider?

Should I ask HR to withdraw the first application in which the partner has looped in the recruiter because she might not know that somebody has referred me for the same office for the second time and I completed the test again. 

Obviously, I want them to consider the second test but I cannot tell them directly as it will not look good. 

What should I do?

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updated an answer on Jun 17, 2021
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Hi there, this is indeed a tricky situation but do not think it is anything you should be too worried about. Few ways to think about this:

  • Do know that the recruiting team will (probably) eventually find out that there are two login IDs tagged to the same person and email. Hence it is best to be upfront and make the first move to clarify the situation, instead of the other way round where they find out and question you
  • The recruiting team will also wonder why you did not clarify earlier (and went ahead with the second test). How you communicate your rationale is key. Based on what you've written, it does seem like a confusing situation to be in (especially as someone new to the recruiting process), so you should walk them through your confusion, and help them understand and empathize
  • Be prepared that the recruiting team will most likely stick with the results from the first attempt. This is to ensure a standardized process with other candidates.

All in all, be upfront, have confidence in your first attempt and communicate honestly! Generally, there's only a "passing score" for these tests and beyond that, any differences in score would not have a material impact on the rest of the interview process 

Believe that others (in the comments) may have a different approach to this situation, and suggest you apply what you feel works best personally


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replied on Jun 17, 2021
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Hi there,

Ok, first of all, messaging 11 partners all in the same office is a no-go - this is too much! You're lucky your name didn't get around (that said, I respect your hustle at the same time).

Second, you really should not have taken that 2nd test! As soon as you received it you should have let HR know you already took the test.

Finally, try to be more prepared in the future (take this as a lesson for your interviews/cases!). A few online practice tests beforehand would have certainly gone a long way in helping you with that first assessment!

That said, that is now behind us! Unfortunately you absolutely do have to let HR know you've taken 2 tests. You need to leave it at that and let them make the decision. Please do not "suggest" that they use your second test! Simply tell them you were confused by the process, have been referred by 2 Parrtners, and have taken the test twice. Let them know, ask them for guidance, and leave the decision-making up to them.

Fingers crossed for you!

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replied on Jun 18, 2021
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Hey there,

Simple: Call HR and tell them about the issue. There is no way around it since trying to sweep this under the rug will lead to problems in the future.

Apparently, they made a mistake with sending you the second test invitation, however, it was at that point that you should have pointed it out to them and fixed the situation.

I believe they will count the first result and not the second one, which you only achieved because you got an advantage over other candidates at this stage.

Fingers crossed for a good outcome!



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