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Anonymous A asked on Feb 23, 2021

Hi preplounge,

May I know if it is advisable to include the modules that I have studied in my undergrad and postgrad in the Education section of my CV? Or should I remove them and use the space for other information?

Thank you!

on Feb 24, 2021
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on Feb 24, 2021
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I would not add this information. It is mosly irrelevant for your application, so you can better use the real estate for something that actually strengthens your profile. Having said that, it also doesn't do any harm.

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Hey there,

You should only add courses that are relevant to the role you are applying to. Transcripts will be attached anyway that contain this information. Usually, I recommend my candidates to leave it out.

The focus in the education section should be on GPA and other achievements. If you want to add a detail about the content, add your specialization.



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The question to ask yourself is how does it answer/add to what the company you are applying to is looking for. If you want to show academic excellence then showing how you performed strongly across all your modules could be useful. Another reason could be that you are applying for a technical role where you feel outlining some of your core modules will help explain that better. On the other hand, just putting a list of all the modules you took, in my view, doesn't add anything where you can always just add your transcript to the application and save the precious 'real estate' of your CV for more meaingful use.

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No, certainly don´t put it, and save the space for more relant pieces of information, such as description of your past roles.



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Honestly, I'm not a fan of coursework at all.

We all know you took classes, as you have a degree!

That said, the only instances I would list coursework is if a) You've taken particularly challenging classes (say, Linear Algebra, Quantum Mechanics, etc) AND b) You don't have enough other content on your resume and need to create some space.

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Hi there,

I'd only include them if they are something exceptional.

Remember that your CV should not go over 1 page, and it should be 1 page of top experience, of bullet points that present you as a well-trained candidate.

Hope that helps!


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Only if its notrworthy and adds value to the CV. Otherwise dont waste space

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