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Anonymous A asked on Oct 06, 2020

Hi all,

I am currently interviewing for Big 4 consulting and was wondering how the impression of each fairs in the consulting world, specifically EY-Parthenon.

It seems to me that EYP recruit pretty high calibre candidates and I'm confused by my friends' reaction to the firm. Some of them have a really good impression of EYP and tells me it's a good brand name, while others think the Big-4 tag is not so appealing. I'm quite confused as to how it's being viewed by the general consulting world.

Any thoughts? (On other Big-4 helps as well!)

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replied on Oct 06, 2020
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Hi there,

It all depends on what angle you're approaching it from!

For example, at Stern (where I went), everyone covetted MBB and consulting. However, a colleague of mine went to HBS (Harvard Business School) and hold me they looked down on MBB! If you weren't going into PE you were a "loser".

I remember in my undergrad days that Deloitte, EY, KPMG, Accenture, etc. were all coveted companies!

It seriously depends on what slice of the world you live in.

If you want to know how each fairs in the consulting world, simply look at rankings. That being said, most experiences are good / important and you should be careful not to write off great firms just because of a few friends! If you look at any of the rankings, you'll see EY-Parthenon is generally top 10. It's a good experience you should be happy with getting!

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Anonymous B replied on Oct 08, 2020

Hi that is a good question,

I think it depends also on where you are in the world. Of course EY-P is in general a well respected firm and I believe they have a strong reputation in life science. However, I have the feeling that the Big 4/big tech strategy arms are not really working out for the firms and are being more and more integrated with the exception of Strategy&. Brands like Monitor Deloitte seem to have vanished completely.

So if you really want to go into strategy consulting I always would try to get into MBB or Tier 2 first and then consider the Tier 3 companies, unless they are particularily strong in your country or in the area of expertise you are interested in.


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Anonymous C replied on Feb 06, 2021

While we're on the topic of EY-P..... :)

How does EY-P differ from the former EY Strategy, especically in UK (and larger Europe)? In the UK, for example, did EY Strategy simply migrate their entire team into EY-P? What does that mean for the former stand-alone Parthenon? How does does the merger affect EY Strategy's legacy functions and industries? EY Strategy UK catered to largely energy, consumer goods and automobile clients in a growth and performane improvement capacity. Parthenon was (from what I've heard), largely catered to PE clients and did a lot of post-merger value creation for M&A clients. Does the newly created entity basically now carry out every single one of these functions, or did they decided to prioritize and consolidate functions? How about industies? Any clarification will be very helpful.... Thank you!

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