I have a case interview with Accenture in a few days, how should i prepare myself?

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john asked on Mar 19, 2019

It is for an entry level position and I have no experience with case interviews, but I do have a business background so I understand the the multiple topics that may be asked. Can people please share some words of wisdom because I am so nervous right now haha.

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replied on Mar 20, 2019
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Hi John,

if you don’t have any experience with case interviews, I would recommend you postpone the interview if feasible, you would need first to familiarize with the case interview process. The vast majority of candidates who land an offer do at least 30 cases before the interview and many do several more. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to move to the next round, but you would be at serious disadvantage.

In terms of an action plan for your preparation, I would recommend the following:

  1. Define a calendar for your preparation. Identify how many hours you have before interviews, then allocate a time slot for preparation in your calendar for each day, working on the following points.
  2. Read Case In Point or Case Interview Secrets for a general understanding of what a consulting interview is. Don’t focus on the structures proposed in the books though, as they are not good enough nowadays.
  3. Start reading good MBA Consulting Handbooks – you can find several for free online (Insead is a good one to start). Read the cases and try to apply your structure. Whenever you see there is something missing, upgrade your structure with the new insides. Try to read at least a new case per day – in this way you will absorb a lot better the information with constant learning. Structure your remaining daily preparation with at least 5-10 minutes per day for each of the following: market sizing, fit questions and mental math.
  4. After you have read the first 10 cases in books/handbooks and basic theory, start to practice live. There is a relevant part of the interview score that is based on your communication, which you cannot practice at all if you read cases only. Keep track of your mistakes and see if you repeat them. If so, try to identify the source of the mistake (feedback of experienced partners would be particularly useful for this). Be sure to focus on both fit and case.
  5. Once you feel you are not improving anymore, if you have a tight time constraint or if you want a realistic assessment of your level, consider using support from experts to strengthen your performance
  6. Before the interview, be sure to prepare your questions for the interviewer – great way to show you prepare in advance and to connect more with the interviewer for a good final impression.



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john on Mar 20, 2019

I simply cannot postpone and have to prepare.

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replied on Mar 19, 2019
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I worked for Accenture so feel free to reach out for prep help. In general, the interviews at Accenture are not that structured:

  • No clear guidelines for cases, so the case depends on the interviewer
  • 60% chance that it will be marketsizing
  • 40% chance - profitability and general frameworks
  • Interviewers are less demanding than at Big3. unless you meet an ex-big3 consultant as an interviewer
  • For fit I would prepare: Story about yourself; Why consulting; Why Accenture; Leadership; Team work; Your questions to the interviewer


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john on Mar 20, 2019

Do you know of any examples of what a market sizing question may be? I'm not sure how complicated the math will be, but I don't want to get myself too rallied up just because im sure at banks it is a lot more difficult (working with bigger numbers) < Im not sure about this statement, that is what i am assuming.

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