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I am sitting the McKinsey SHL test in a few days - can we have Excel open for the test?

James asked on Sep 02, 2018 - 3 answers

I am sitting the McKinsey SHL test in a few days - can we have Excel open for the test?

Want to know as theres not point practicing with Excel if I can't use it.


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Sarah replied on Sep 02, 2018

I just took it. You can use whatever you have around (calculator is fine, for instance). I don't recommend using Excel, as the biggest pressure here was time.

replied on Sep 02, 2018
McKinsey Associate & Former Serial Entrepreneurs || Interview coach - More than 100 Cases || INSEAD Business School

You will not be able to use excel during the test - usually neither a calculator.

I think it's worth to practice with pan and paper to be fast with calculation.

replied on Sep 03, 2018
Bain & Company | University of Cambridge | CV/Resume writing | 770 GMAT

I assume this is the test you can take at home - in which case, you can use whatever you want.

If the test is conducted in the McKinsey office (not heard of McK doing this, but other companies yes), then you most likely will only have access to a basic calculator, pen and paper.

good luck!

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