How to prep. for a interview cases in TAS Service (especially PMI / Carve Out)? Thanks!

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Anonymous A asked on Nov 16, 2020

Hey there!

I am currently preparating myself for an 3h interview at BIG4. The interview will be structured in 3 cases (1 case / h). Therefore, I would like to know what kind of cases could be ask. The focus of the job will be on PMI and Carve-Out.

Thanks in advance!

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replied on Nov 16, 2020
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Congrats for the interview!

Unless they specifically told you so, the focus of the job does not have to correlate with the cases you are going to get.

Why? Because each interviewer has his/her own case, and who interviews you is mostly a matter of availability.

Hence, this would be my advise in the business case front prep (knowing that you also have the FIT part)

You don´t have any more time to the classics of Viktor Cheng, "Case in point" book, etc. You need to get hands on asap:

1. Practice cases with partners asap, as many as you can do.Find experienced partners who can provide a good feedback

2. Practice your math skills, both in your cases and with ad hoc exercisess, such as:

1. ​Multiplying double digit numbers (

2. Leveraging math tools (Mimir math for iOS), Math tool on Viktor Cheng website to practice

3. Ensure you have a good overview of the ​most common case types:

  • 1. Profitability cases- basic profitability framework.
  • 2. Idea generation cases: for any specif issue
  • 3. Growth cases: market penetration, new product launch, product mix change, etc.
  • 4. Pricing cases
  • 5. M&A cases
  • 6. Valuation cases
  • 7. Value chain cases

Hope it helps!



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replied on Nov 17, 2020
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Hi there,

You've already answered your question haven't you :) You need to focus on cases that relate to PMI and Carveouts!

Now, the caveat is that you could technically be asked anything, so you do need to be prepared for any case type. My main emphasis is a comparison to school. We don't go to school to learn (what do you really remember from biology class?). We go to school to learn how to learn (listen, take notes, process and synthesize information, etc.)

Same with casing. focus on Operations and Transactions cases, but also leanr how to think about casing and how to approach any case type.

However, when focusing on TAS-specific case types here is a filter to get you started:[]=1&topic[]=8&topic[]=17&topic[]=19&sort=real-case-desc&page=1&perPage=20

You need to make sure you understand cases involving:

  • Due Diligence
  • Valuation
  • Corporate Finance
  • M&A
  • Restructuring (Finance, Org, etc.)
  • Operations
  • Integration (IT, processes, etc)

Good luck!

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replied on Nov 17, 2020
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