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How to practice cases + limited amount of them?

Samir asked on Dec 29, 2016 - 3 answers

Hi, I'm a new member have 2 main questions:

- How does one practice cases with a partner?

- Does one use "pre-packaged" cases with answers?

- Can you "create" a look-alike case as you can with estimation practice?

- If there is a limited amount of cases to practice, how does one know when to switch gears from single practice to practicing with a partner?

Any answer or suggestion is highly appreciated, really looking forward to practicing as productively as possible.

Thanks beforehand

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replied on Jan 01, 2017
Current partner @ Andreessen Horowitz (VC firm). Ex-Mckinsey, ex- strategy guy at Google.
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Samir - I understand there is a conflict of interest in me recommending this (as I am an advisor here), but frankly, given that you are just starting off, there are only few good ways to really get up to speed and understand the what's and how's of case practice:

1. If you are part of an MBA program, join a consulting club ASAP and start going through their materials and case practise scnedules.

2. Take 1-2 classes with an advisor at PL or your case practise website of choice and ask as many questions as you can and get him/her to give you a practice case.

3. This will take longer and you may have to work on finding the right quality and quantity of partners, but if you aren't in an MBA and do not wish to spend the $s for #2, then start doing case practises here at PL with other students.


replied on Dec 29, 2016
Ex-Bain & Company Case Team Leader * Placed 40+ MBB candidates as Partner in Europe's leading top-tier Consulting recruiting firm
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Hi Samir,

Creating a new case study yourself is not all that easy, particularly if you're still learning your way around case studies yourself. I'd recommend securing yourself a source of multiple case studies and using those. There are a number available in book format on Amazon, the main business schools have their own case books and of course you can find a number online and from major consultancies.

Given the choice between being alone and practicing with someone else I'd always do that, as being alone you don't quite get the full communication, writing, time issues, etc. Having said that, when you've done a couple of practices with other people you could sometimes benefit from some time by yourself practicing whatever it was which you need more work on - maths, structuring your communications, problems, etc.

Samir replied on Dec 30, 2016

Thank you for the informative answer,

much appreciated!

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